Alice's car seat cover

This is the stained car seat that I recovered for Kate back in 2009. I wanted another cover for Alice since the other is now stained from the daily wear & tear. I am loving this fabric. It makes me think of summer and all of the fun activities that we have planned.

I really love how it turned out. It is easily removable. It has elastic on the sides so that it fits snugly and I can just peel it off when I need to wash it. {I have already needed to once.} 
I love how fresh it looks.

I folded some white grosgrain ribbon around the edge for adjusting strap. It has a cute look to it. Once I had the car seat cover made with the elastic on and where I wanted it I then cut the holes for the straps. I zig zagged around the edges to help prevent fraying. 

Alice is now riding in style to all of the different places she has to go to that comes along with being the third child.


Emilie said...


Jessica said...

So pretty

Danielle said...

I love this! I need to get myself a sewing machine so I can do stuff like this.

stevenellie said...

Maybe I should do this for Thomas' seat so he'll want to ride in it instead of Marie's. Nice job!

Lynnie S said...

It looks great! You are amazing, such skills Jenny!